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Aston Martin DB4 Series IV - £SOLD

Chassis Number: DB4/818/L

Engine Number: 370/791

UK Registration Number: TBA

Date of first reg: 29th November 1961

Exterior colour: Aegean Blue


Interior colour: Black Leather

Current Odometer reading: 77,098 km

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Left

Transmission: Manual

Options: Chrome Wire Wheels



When the single pale primrose DB4 was launched at the Paris Salon in October 1958, Marcel Blondeau, the French distributor for Aston Martin approached John Wyer on the stand with tears in his eyes “This is not a car, it is a folly, but I can sell as many as you can supply.”

With a top speed of 140 mph, it was one of the fastest four seaters in the world and was on a par with the best of Italian Grand Turismos. Not wholly surprising, given the decision to have this distillation of years of Feltham ideas designed by Touring of Milan using their “Superleggera” system. The body consisted entirely of aluminium mounted on a trellis of small diameter steel tubes welded together. Body panels were attached to the trellis and clinched around angle plates which were welded to the members with graphite pads.

Items like windscreen, rear window frames an angle sections for the door hinges were attached directly to the frame. The design delivered slim proportions and outstanding all-round visibility. With the body mounted on a platform chassis, the seats could be set low without resorting to deep sills. The doors, which undercut the windscreen, were wide with frameless windows – no quarter lights – and the rear windows opened hingeing on their forward edges. Easier access to the rear with its new full width rear seat, past hinged and adjustable front seats from Reutter.

The wide parcel shelf concealed the presence of a 19 gallon petrol tank while at the back of the car, the boot lid opened to floor level. The battery, with its own master switch was behind a panel in the right hand wing and the spare wheel was in a separate contained under the boot floor.

Power came from the all new Tadek Marek twin overhead cam aluminium engine that weighed in 22Kg less than its predecessor. The twin cam shafts operated the valves directly through inverted steel tappets while those valves were splayed at an 80 degree angle – the seats all had inserts and the exhaust guides were all in direct contact with cooling water.

The block followed the contour of the liners which combined to save weight and strengthen the structure. The crankshaft was a nitirided steel forging which ran in seven bronze bearings – the connecting rods were polished and weight graded while the pistons each had two compression rings, the top one being chrome faced. Driving through a four speed, all synchromesh gearbox and a 10 inch single, dry plate Borg and Beck clutch – the engine was quoted as developing 240 bhp, although this was, in truth, probably nearer 208 bhp. Marek had, at John Wyer’s suggestion, researched horsepower claims on American engines and had found a mean discrepancy of 32 per cent – John Wyer’s reaction was “We can’t lie that much, we can only lie 15 per cent”.

Ride and handling came courtesy of Harold Beach designed coil and wishbone front suspension and a rear set up of trailing arm and coil spring incorporating a Watts linkage. The brakes were all wound discs from Dunlop with a Lockheed servo fitted. Wire wheels with Dunlop centre locks and 16 inch Avon Turbospeed tyres as standard fitment.

At launch, Aston Martin only had two pre-production models and with one used to promote the new car, they were reluctant to entrust the other, untried and untested model to the motoring press so definitive road tests were not available, just the enthusiastic hyperbole of John Wyer. His claim, made before launch, that the car could go from a standing start to 100 mph and back to standstill in 30 seconds was faithfully reproduced in advertising material. It was on October 2nd, the day of the car’s launch in Paris that tests at MIRA proved him correct with mean times set of the feat at 27.2 seconds.

The Series IV was introduced in September 1961 - a lower bonnet scoop was introduced as well as a new grille with 7 vertical bars and internally, the ashtray was moved from the top of the dash to the gearbox cover. The GT instrument panel with separate gauges was fitted to most cars .


The Touring Superleggera designed Aston Martins are still considered by many to be Newport Pagnell’s finest and, as the first example, the Aston Martin DB4 is considered by many to be the purest form of this automotive classic.

DB4/818/L is a superlative example – with a clear and recorded ownership history, the car has been cherished by successive owners. Not least the current owner who has had the car lovingly restored to originality and to the very highest standards.

This left hand drive Series IV is rare, highly sought after and, most importantly, in original specification. Roos have ensured that the drive is superb and, even on country roads, there is barely a rattle. It is a car for the collector, the purist and someone who enjoys Superleggera as it was designed.

Vehicle History

A copy of the original build sheet for the car notes the car’s delivery to the original keeper, M. Spyridion Metaxas of Avenue Foch in Paris on 29th November 1961. The same sheet notes early service work on the gearbox and replacement of the clutch and hydraulics.

The car then found its way to Switzerland where it had two registered keepers – the first was a Mr Kurt Mittner, the second a Mr Alec Wittmer who was a long term owner keeping the car from 1972 to 2000. While under his stewardship, the car went to Varese in Italy where, between 1979 and 1984, a full restoration was carried out by Officina Scapini & Brutto-Meso, a licensed Ferrari dealership.

In December 2000, the car was taken to the US by Belgian dealer M. Ooms of Overpelt and sold through RM Auctions to Autosport Designs who in turn sold it to its fourth private owner, Ms Eaton of Greenwich, Connecticut.

The current owner, only the fifth in the car’s lifetime, acquired the car in Boston Massachusetts from the Secretary of the East Coast USA AMOC and brought the car back to France in 2003. Sharing a garage with other classics, the car has enjoyed outings for pleasure and on classic rallies. Then in 2014, the owner commissioned Swiss Aston Martin specialist and Heritage dealer, Roos Engineering, to undertake a year long restoration to close to its original condition.

The interior remains as completely original, while the chassis and body were thoroughly refurbished and the engine rebuilt. Roos provided a comprehensive photographic record of the restoration together with a detailed invoice for the engine rebuild.

However, the owner has reached a point in life where he feels that it is time to take a more leisurely approach and has asked Byron International to offer this wonderful car to the market.

Prior to delivering the car to our storage facility previously, the owner elected to enjoy one last “fling” in his restored car and participated in a Classic Car Rally in the Dolomites. After the event, it was returned to Roos Engineering for a complete check over and, 1000km engine check. The details of that work has been provided together with the Roos invoice demonstrating the willingness of the owner to invest in the best right up to the point of sale.

But the vagaries of the market persuaded the owner that Astons are there to be enjoyed and most recently the owner has been back on the road enjoying his DB4 but brought the car back to the UK to test the market at a revised and lower price. Whilst he still seeks a buyer, he still wants to improve the car and, if the summer comes round without a new owner, he will be back on the road so he commissioned Vantage Engineering to undertake some important improvements to the car - he felt that the longer drives needed to be more comfortable and asked them to overhaul the gearbox and differential. On the latter that meant a new crown wheel & pinion and revised final drive ratio. At the same time, they counselled that such a lovely car would benefit from some work on the under bonnet area and the photos give some idea of the detail that has been applied. All designed for his pleasure but a hell of a benefit to a purchaser - £20,000 + of improvements and a realistic price.

They have made a very good car, a great one!

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

There are currently no MOT history details for this car.

Service and Maintenance Record

01.12.61- Mileage: 01,021km- Service Agent: Mirabeau

Reverse gear locking screw corrected after loss of spindle

01.02.62- Mileage: 03,094km- Service Agent: Mirabeau

Gearbox dismantled, replacement clutch plate, slave cylinder, flywheel and clutch cover assembly fitted

08.08.01- Mileage: 38,469km- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Inspection, attend to safety items, free brake calipers, free of cables and balance wheels.

23.08.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Check engine, tune, fit new points, adjust floats on carbs, timing, check & set needles, add missing overflow tubes & gaskets, adjust and check belts & hoses. Send leaking oil cooler for repair, replace fuel pump

23.08.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Adjust bonnet, adjust lower timing chain, install seat belts, adjust driver and passenger seat adjusters and tracks. Install heater shuttle valve

11.12.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Repair serious oil leak, check for other leaks, replace 3 oil hoses, replace left high beam

11.12.01- Mileage: 39,863- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Replace front coil over shocks with carrera units. Replace sway bars, links and mounts, align front suspension. Replace rear springs, check shocks, repair heater valve, polish & detail engine, replace starter

11.12.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Remove bumpers, over riders, headlamp bezels, trunk latch, licence plate lamp cover. Send for chrome plating. Polish aluminium door jambs, polish lower window frame, polish wheels and polish grille

11.12.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Replace rear windshield, replace/repair seals. Tune engine, attend to exhaust leak, repair cam cover oil leak, insulate doors and replace wiper blades

11.12.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Repair rust bubbles I doors, repair dents and cracks in bonnet, prepare and prime rear ready for paint, remove doors for treatment

15.12.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Replace choke cable, adjust for richness, no free play on clutch due to loose panel, repair/ replace clock and amp meter

12.03.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Prepare and paint body, mount and re-align doors with new pins, buff and polish Install & wire in relay for air horns, repair compressor for air horns, install new generator belt, install new links on rear shocks, wire in relay & switch for fog lamps, re-position heater cut-off , repair and replace front manifold & weld crack.

01.06.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Black Horse Garage , Bridgeport, CT.

Chrome plate bumpers, mount front bumpers and over riders, mount and hook up front fog lamps, mount rear bumper and over riders. Wet sand and buff entire car , hand glaze and detail.

19.06.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin New England

Parts only: Distributor cap, rotor arm, condenser, contact set, spark plugs, fan belt, DB4 parts book, DB4 instruction book

18.07.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin, New England

Pack container, flatbed vehicle into container, secure for shipment, fabricate wheel stops and secure with cargo straps

21.11.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RS Williams

Parts only: Tool roll, Borranis 3 ear spinner, front hub, inner wheel bearing, outer wheel bearing, front hub oil seal, wheel bearing grease

18.12.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RS Williams

Parts only: Fuel pump, fuel pump clamps, copper washers, front flasher assembly, fuses

29.07.05- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RS Williams

Parts only: Front hub oil seal, inner wheel bearing, outer wheel bearing, front hub, 3 ear spinners

26.09.05- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RS Williams

Parts only: Oil cooler

24.07.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Parts only: Ignition switch, rear lens assembly, reverse lamp assembly

04.03.09- Mileage: 48,122- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Replace engine mountings and vibration rubbers, repair chain tensioner and adjust engine, adjust carburetor, repair right side rear suspension. Adjust rear quarter lights, repair ignition, complete recommended standard service, repair handbrake. Replace window surround mouldings, tighten all seat mountings and fitments. Replace screen washer switches., check harnesses for headlamps for resistance, clean fuse box and replace fuses. Replace hypoid and gearbox oil, grease nipples and cables, replace clutch and brake fluid.. Replace coolant fluid, 4 x hoses and contact breaker, mount plug shrouds.

12.05.09- Mileage: 48,571- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Re-tighten cylinder head, remove seats, tunnel and gearbox, clean gearbox, dismantle and install flywheel and clutch. Remove clutch operating fork, clean, grease and re-install. Replace mainshaft bushes, replace clutch slave cylinder, re-assemble all clutch ad gearbox parts, bleed clutch system, replace tunnel and seats.. Make and replace ground cable, bleed brake system. Remove steering rack, adapt steering rack mountings, re-install revised steering rack, mount gaiters, adjust steering column and centre steering wheel. Check and adjust track. Replace windscreen and rear window rubber seals, adjust and mount front and rear screen mouldings

15.12.10- Mileage: 58,314- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Technical check, compression test, inspect combustion chamber with endoscope. Oil carbon on cylinders 1 and 3. General service, replace reversing lamp unit due to short in casing. Interior light failure due to corroded door contacts, clean contacts and replace. Replace spark plugs and heater valve. Repair front right parking light. Mount towing hook to front of car. Replace differential oil seal. Reset carburetors. Replace upper and lower king pin rubber gaiters on left side. Adjust king pin and wheel bearing play.

17.07.12- Mileage: 63,327- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Grease, engine cleaning, mount tyre x 4, balance wheels x 4, oil & filter change, pair L-arm dampers, bleed brake system and change brake fluid, bleed and adjust clutch, change coolant, change spark plugs, change rear shock absorber, control dwell angle and ignition timing, mount original washer system, adjust cable and hose.

05.11.14- Mileage: 66,262- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Body restoration of car attending to chassis, jacking tubers, lower half of body and repainting as per photographic record. Total engine rebuild including new pistons and liners .

15.06.15- Mileage: 66,262- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Balance of invoice items not previously accounted for.

29.10.15- Mileage: 71,187- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Technical inspection. Dismount interior, remove steering and gearbox. Open clutch, assemble clutch, change cardan joint and cardan shaft. Mount gearbox, cardan shaft and transmission tunnel, Mount interior, change seal on filler cap, make breather pipe for carburetor float, centre and adjust steeing wheel. Adjust and clean air trap. Test drive. Dismount LH & RH door, change seals, remount doors. Dismount LH ¼ light seal and remount. Dismount RH ¼ light, change seal rubber, seal and remount. Change B pillar seal rubber LH & RH. Fix seat back, change screw in door. Make 1,000 km engine check, change spark plugs, control valve clearance, change oil & filter, justify carburetor linkage and choke, revise steering

12.12.19- Mileage: 77,098 km- Service Agent: Vantage Engineering

Overhaul gearbox, overhaul differential with new crown wheel & pinion and revised final drive ratio for more comfortable cruising. Overhaul under bonnet area, new gaskets, prepare and polish brightwork

Byron International