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Aston Martin Virage Volante - £50,000

Chassis Number: SCFDAM2C0PBR 60075

Engine Number: 89/60075/A

UK Registration Number: H 13 TJM

Date of first reg: 1st August 1993

Exterior colour: Rolls Royce Royal Blue

Hood: Dark Blue Mohair

Interior colour: Light Grey Leather piped Dark Blue

Current Odometer reading: 49,520

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic



Following three years of intense development, Aston Martin choose to unveil their new car for the nineties and beyond, at the International Motor Show in England on the 18th of October 1988. Called the Virage it was one of the sensations of the show attracting enormous public and media attention. The engine, based on the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek with its racing pedigree, was heavily revised with entirely new cylinder heads with four valves per cylinder (last used by Aston Martin in 1921-2) for better breathing and to overcome power losses inevitable with the use of catalytic converters. This is so the engine can run on unleaded fuel anywhere, in effect it is a "worldwide" engine compatible for all markets. Development of the new four valve heads was undertaken by the renowned experts, Callaway Engineering of Connecticut, United States.

The chassis was designed in conjunction with the Cranfield Institute of Technology (one of the leaders in aerospace technology). It is torsionally stiffer, lighter and less complex that that of its predecessor, the V8. The body, in true Aston Martin tradition is aluminium, hand beaten by skilled craftsmen to a design by John Heffernan and Ken Greenley. "From the outset we felt that the car should be an evolutionary successor to the DB4, 5, 6 and V8," said Heffernan. The front spoiler incorporates an aerodynamically shaped under tray, while the rear features a boot lip spoiler, each combining to produce zero lift. Glazing is flush throughout.

A Virage Volante was first displayed at the 1990 International Motor Show, with a 2+2 following in 1992. In 1993 the car was further improved when the four speed version of the Torqueflite automatic gearbox was introduced with variable sport or comfort settings.


The market for Virage Volantes continues to strengthen and this car represents hand-built Aston excellence at a value for money price.

The current owner’s decision to market the car at this price allows an enthusiast to invest in a true Aston Martin classic that has been properly maintained over periods of long-term stewardship.

Vehicle History

First registered on 1st August 1993, the first owner was the McMillan Group of Macclesfield. The first transfer of ownership was to another Manchester based PLC – Brennan Atkinson International before being acquired by a Trevor Matlow in October of 1995. It was from Mr Matlow that Byron International first became acquainted with the car.

Throughout its life, it has been maintained principally by Aston Martin marque specialists with much of the work completed by Aston Martin Works Service – it comes to the market well maintained and typical of a car that has been in long term, careful ownership.

In March 2014, it was acquired through our brokerage service by the current owner after a Road Test & Report by Newlands Motors. The new owners have homes in Surrey and the sunshine of Spain and we are pleased to see that the car has been regularly maintained both in Spain and in the UK. In Spain, the owner was fortunate to be introduced to a specialist in classic cars – Coast Classics – and the file contains a report on preparing and maintaining a classic car in a hot climate, so she returns to the market in as good a condition as ever.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

25.09.96    16,047
08.09.99    25,178
22.08.01    31,225
20.08.03    39,601
20.09.05    41,550
16.09.09    44,987
22.09.10    45,286
14.03.12    45,565
15.04.13    45,788
11.03.14    46,078
26.10.16    48,978
03.01.17    48,687
10.10.18    49,121
27.07.20    49,412

Service and Maintenance Record

22.09.93- Mileage: 03,622- Service Agent: Aston Martin

1,500 mile free service

10.11.94- Mileage: 09,605- Service Agent: Stratton

6,000 mile service

21.06.95- Mileage: 11,133- Service Agent: Aston Martin

18,000 mile service, fit latest ECU, lubricate fuel flap, repair dash vent, repair centre console stay and adjust catch. Rectify oil seepage from sump plug, replace nuts on wiper arms, clean off inner wing covers and radiator surround. Remove rear parcel shelf, repair split edges and refit.

09.10.95- Mileage: 12,263- Service Agent: Ron Stratton

Sale of vehicle

13.10.95- Mileage: 12,277- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Carry out Road Test & Report. Relocate automatic CD changer in boot compartment. Add anti-freeze, rectify LH Fuel Flap inoperative, remove whells and clean discs and pads, fit immobilizer system

01.11.95- Mileage: 13,002- Service Agent: Donaldson & Evans

Attend to exhaust clamps, reset tickover, replace dash bulb

22.03.96- Mileage: 13,862- Service Agent: Donaldson & Evans

6,000 mile service, Oil change and check

25.10.96- Mileage: 16,201- Service Agent: Donaldson & Evans

30,000 mile service, replace front pads, adjust roof

04.03.97- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Donaldson & Evans

Replace battery and connect radar detector

07.04.97- Mileage: 17,299- Service Agent: Donaldson & Evans

36,000 mile service

18.11.97- Mileage: 20,848- Service Agent: Donaldson & Evans

42,000 mile service

21.09.98- Mileage: 22,750- Service Agent: Cross Street Garage

Replace n/s/f hub oil seal, re-pack front hub bearings, MOT

20.11.98- Mileage: 23,328- Service Agent: Cross Street Garage

48,000 mile service

22.02.00- Mileage: 25,980- Service Agent: Cross Street Garage

Replace front discs & pads, re-set tickover, check radio

14.04.00- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Supply and fit 4 tyres, renew and adjust throttle link

01.09.00- Mileage: 28,833- Service Agent: Aston Martin

54,000 annual service, investigate windscreen washers, fit new non-return valve. Change brake fluid, adjust handbrake cables, remove foam gasket behind vent

02.09.00- Mileage: 28,833- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Re-align and adjust l/h/r quarter light

06.03.01- Mileage: 30,134- Service Agent: Stratstone Wilmslow

Replace faulty brake master cylinder, replace faulty washer pump, re-code alarm handset

14.03.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Stratstone Wilmslow

Replace battery

27.02.02- Mileage: 35,268- Service Agent: Aston Martin

60,000 mile service

27.06.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: New Mills Body Repair

Re-assemble o/s door mirror and prepare and re-spray to match o/s door

27.06.02- Mileage: 35,268- Service Agent: Aston Martin

24,000 mile service, renew leaking cooling system dead cap, replace both mirror glasses, adjust bonnet catches and alignment, seal exhaust joint and replace clamp

01.07.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: New Mills Body Repair

Repair and re-paint front spoiler, fabricate and re-paint o/s & n/s front wings, repair and re-paint front bumper, polish scratches on boot, prepare and re-spray to match manufacturer’s approved materials.

01.10.02- Mileage: 38,441- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Renew bonnet release lever, left hand mirror glass and secure left hand door cheater/window seal

07.04.03- Mileage: 38,797- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Annual service, remove right hand cam cover and front cover, renew gaskets. Renew cooling system dead cap, replace corroded left hand rear exhaust clamp. Renew front brake pads, remove propshaft and renew pinion oil seal. Renew fuel filler cap. Adjust bonnet catches, remove left rear hood trim, securing loose hoodstick and align ¼ glass. Remove chassis cross brace, drilling out sheared bolts and re-tapping boss threads, repair cross brace and refit. Flat and polish paint blemishes on left hand rear wing

03.10.03- Mileage: 39,644- Service Agent: Stratstone

Check for overheating, topped up fluids, ran engine – no fault found – new pressure cap fitted as a precaution

04.04.05- Mileage: 41,259- Service Agent: Stratstone

Oil service with brake fluid, tighten hose clips to eradicate coolant leaks

20.09.05- Mileage: 41,550- Service Agent: Stratstone


02.07.07- Mileage: 43,339- Service Agent: Stratstone

78,000 mile service

27.03.12- Mileage: 45,603- Service Agent: Stratstone

84,000 mile service, replaced left hand cam cover gaskets. Realign exhaust. Rectify fault on washer jet. Replace all engine drive belts & replace power steering fluid, replace front brake discs. Rebuild left front wheel bearing, bleed brakes

21.11.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: New Mills

Body repairs to Aston Martin (£850 + VAT)

23.04.13- Mileage: 45,788- Service Agent: J Morton (1985) Ltd

Replace faulty pump on screen washers, clean out o/s jet, secure wiper blades, MOT, correct fault on o/s tail light

23.04.14- Mileage: 45,853- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Road Test & Report prior to purchase

19.05.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Coast Classics

Replace oil cooler and overhaul main radiator, flush and fill radiator

19.09.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Coast Classics

Repair windscreen, overhaul air conditioning, replce alarm, repaint front wing, attend to front brakes

03.10.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Recondition 2 x brake calipers

19.11.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

2 x hood fulcrum blocks

21.12.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Euromaster

Supply and fit new battery

06.04.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Parts only: Set of HT leads posted to Spain

20.04.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Coast Classics

Change spark plugs and HT leads, clean engine top, inlet trumpet etc. all liquid revision, engine adjusting, test drive and front bumper painted,

17.04.17- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Coast Classics

Install Tracker, recharge air conditioning, check engine temperature

11.08.17- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Coast Classics

Interior cleaning, leather treatment, front seats refinishing with piping.

05.09.19- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Coast Classics

Repair/replace rubber seals, address rust on door frame and paint, recharge air and stage 2 valet

13.09.17- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Coast Classics

Clean trunk due to fuel smell, replace fuel pump, replaced all fuel pipes, vacuum air injection control pipes and vacuum pipes for heater control. Recharge air conditioning, align wheels.

27.07.20- Mileage: 49,412- Service Agent: Dorking Service Centre

Replace o/s/f track rod end, replace steering rack gaiter, replace wiper stalk with hazard switch, replace n/s bonnet catch, carry out wheel alignment, MOT

Byron International