Model Overview

I have been working in the world of Aston Martin for the past 30 years. I came upon the marque in my general course of business in the motor trade and have become as enthusiastic as my customers about Aston Martin and their products.

There is an aura about Aston Martin, a heritage far beyond simple statistics. Winning at Le Mans, victory in the World Sportscar Championship, the Zagatos and Royal patronage would be enough for any car manufacturer. Aston Martin goes beyond that - every car has its character and every owner, real pride in his or her car.

Any market place has pitfalls for the unwary and opportunities for the unscrupulous. What I have tried to produce is an overview of Aston Martin cars that can act as an introduction to the marque. It is my view, coloured by my experiences and the use of my library of Aston Martin books as a reference. Most of the Aston Martin photos are from my own archive and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy handling each of these glorious cars.

This may represent your first foray into the world of Aston Martin; it may supplement your own knowledge. Whatever your point of reference just click on the links and read on.

Philip Jones - Byron International


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