Silverstone Auctions at the Classic Motor Show at the NEC


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The end of year auctions are nearly upon us and the Aston Martin market had an interesting boost at last weekend’s Classic Motor Show at the NEC.  Silverstone Auctions ran sales on both the Saturday and Sunday and their Aston Martin content comprised of a range of cars that came into the realm of affordability for enthusiasts.

First out of the blocks was a 2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante.  A Silver car with automatic transmission presented with an attractive mileage the sale price, including premium was £36,563 right in the middle of the catalogue estimates.  This was good news that reflected a burgeoning market for DB7.

Then came a 2003 Vanquish, a 2 + 2 car with around 20,000 miles on the clock and presented in the popular Aston Green livery, the car made £77,625 including premium.  This beat its estimates and reflects that the Vanquish is a modern classic that has the availability of upgrades sufficient to personalise the character of the car.  This model already sported “S” upgrades to brakes and clutch.

The current strength of DB7 was reinforced by a 2003 DB7 Vantage Coupe.  Presented in Mendip Blue with an automatic gearbox and a very average 40,000 miles, the car delivered a creditable £32,625 including premium – again right in the middle of catalogue estimates.  These are great indicators for a lovely model, too long in the price doldrums.

The sale then moved into a more classic era with first a DBS V8 Saloon and then a 1979 V8 Volante. The DBS V8 was an older restoration finished in Rolls Royce Cotswold Beige with Brown leather and an automatic gearbox.  Beautifully presented and with a recorded mileage of 45,000 miles, the sale price of £84,375 including premium beat estimate by 15-20%.

The V8 Volante even exceeded that performance - catalogued as a manual, this would make the car very rare.  In fact it had been converted to manual with a 6 speed DB7 gearbox and the price of £151,875 including premium, was a surprise to the market.

The final Aston was a lovely Rothesay Red DB9 Volante – first registered in 2006 it sale price of £54,000 fell just short of its top estimate and demonstrated awareness of the value for money that the DB9 represents in today’s market.

So a 100% sales rate at good prices signals a continuing appetite for Aston Martin but importantly an appetite that sits right across the market, irrespective of price.





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