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Aston Martin Virage Saloon - £57,950

Chassis Number: SCFCAM1SCMBL 50350

Engine Number: 89/50350/A

UK Registration Number: TBA

Date of first reg: 30th November 1991

Exterior colour: Forest Green Metallic


Interior colour: Parchment

Current Odometer reading: 31,000km

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Left

Transmission: Automatic

Options: Moto Lita Steering Wheel



Following three years of intense development, Aston Martin chose to unveil their new car for the nineties and beyond, at the International Motor Show in England on the 18th of October 1988. Called the Virage it was one of the sensations of the show attracting enormous public and media attention. The engine, based on the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek with its racing pedigree, was heavily revised. Entirely new cylinder heads with four valves per cylinder (last used by Aston Martin in 1921-2) for better breathing and to overcome power losses inevitable with the use of catalytic converters. This is so the engine can run on unleaded fuel anywhere, in effect it is a “worldwide” engine compatible for all markets. Development of the new four valve heads was in the hands of renowned experts, Callaway Engineering of Connecticut, United States.

The chassis was designed in conjunction with the Cranfield Institute of Technology (one of the leaders in aerospace technology). It is torsionally stiffer, lighter and less complex that that of its predecessor, the V8. The body, in true Aston Martin tradition is aluminium, hand beaten by skilled craftsmen to a design by John Heffernan and Ken Greenley. “From the outset we felt that the car should be an evolutionary successor to the DB4, 5, 6 and V8,” said Heffernan. The front spoiler incorporates an aerodynamically shaped undertray, while the rear features a boot lip spoiler, each combining to produce zero lift. Glazing is flush throughout.


There has a realisation of what outstanding value they represent in the marketplace and a noticeable surge in the interest in the Virage.

With its comprehensive ownership and service history, this Swiss registered Aston Martin Virage is an absolute diamond with a hand-built specification that is redolent of what has distinguished the Aston Martin marque over the years. Offered as an original left hand drive, it represents massive value when compared with anything in the classic car market, inside or outside the Aston Martin stable of models.

Vehicle History

This outstanding car was first registered to a Fredy Lienhard of Erlen in Switzerland in November of 1991, purchased from Aston Martin Official Distributor, Fast Line Limited. Fredy, as well as being an accomplished businessman he also has a great record in motorsport competing in single seaters and CanAm and is known through Lista Motorsport. A classic car enthusiast, he is a great guy to have in the log book as the first owner.

The extensive history folder includes the original Kaufvertrag (Purchase Contract) as well as original point of sale material like the factory brochure.

Under the section of MOT below, what are noted are dates of the ABGAS-WARTUNGSDOKUMENT, a record of Exhaust Emission Checks required under Swiss law. There is also and asterisk * on the odometer reading of the last service by Emil Frey - this is covered in a letter from the owner retained in the file. This reflects that the Vehicle Information Centre (VIC) required repair at 13,000km which was carried out by experts - Technikschmitte. After this, the VIC worked well but jumped to 31,000km at the time of the service at Emil Frey - the reason is unknown but again, the VIC appears to be functioning perfectly.

The handbook and service voucher book are both in their wallet in the car and inspection of the latter notes that Fast Line regularly serviced the car up 2011 when another specialist, Neidhart Stafa, took over and it was through them that the current owner acquired the car. The sales records for this one change of ownership are in the history file and Neidhart Stafa subsequently carried out maintenance duties until May of 2018, when the car was serviced last by Emil Frey Classics.

This maintenance and care is evidenced by the presentation condition of this exceptional car – she deviates from original only in the fitment of a wooden steering wheel – the current owner’s personal choice, but the original is retained with the car.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

23.11.91    00,495km
20.08.92    00,554km
09.03.93    00,701km
27.02.95    01,180km
11.03.96    03,136km
18.09.98    04,608km
14.06.01    05,661km
17.07.02    05,730km
15.06.04    08,310km
04.07.06    08,901km
18.08.08    10,354km
06.06.11    10,429km

Service and Maintenance Record

11.09.96- Mileage: 03,134km- Service Agent: Fast Line

1,500 km service

01.09.98- Mileage: 04,608km- Service Agent: Fast Line

6 month service

02.09.02- Mileage: 06,076km- Service Agent: Fast Line

1 year service

19.08.08- Mileage: 10,354- Service Agent: Neidhart Stafa AG

18 month service

06.06.11- Mileage: 10,477km- Service Agent: Neidhart Stafa AG

2 year service

29.07.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Motor Books

Virage Parts Catalogue and Technical Guide

04.08.11- Mileage: 11,189km- Service Agent: Neidhart Stafa AG

Attend to battery, lights and two new Avon Turbospeed tryes

12.04.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Moto-Lita

Walnut steering wheel and boss + horn kit for Aston

10.05.12- Mileage: 11,546km- Service Agent: Neidhart Stafa AG

30 month service

19.07.13- Mileage: 12,437km- Service Agent: Neidhart Stafa AG

36 month service

21.02.14- Mileage: 12,570km- Service Agent: Neidhart Stafa AG

Replace windscreen wipers, check charging, wax chassis, clean car

15.09.14- Mileage: 13,698km- Service Agent: Neidhart Stafa AG

42 month service

08.09.15- Mileage: 14,564km- Service Agent: Neidhart Stafa AG

5 year service service

21.12.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Technikschmitte Oldtimer Company

Repair Vehicle Information Centre – optics and housing retained, install new processor and programme, recalibrate km

08.08.16- Mileage: 14,632km- Service Agent: Neidhart Stafa AG

66 month service

09.05.18- Mileage: 30,312km*- Service Agent: Emil Frey

6 year service, replace ignition distributor, replace battery install charger * The VIC (odometer) jumped to 31,000km - no fault was found and as the VIC was functioning correctly, no action was taken. A letter on file confirms this detail

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