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Aston Martin DB Mark III - £SOLD

Chassis Number: AM300/3/1445

Engine Number: DBA/1052

UK Registration Number: UPV 952

Date of first reg: 4th Febriary 1958

Exterior colour: Sky Silver


Interior colour: Red Leather

Current Odometer reading: 23,542

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: 4 speed manual with overdrive, Triple Carburettors, Twin Exhausts, Front Disc Brakes, Heated Front and Rear Screens, Fog & Spot Lamps, Inertia Reel Seat Belts



The final refinement of the cars based on Claude Hill’s design and the Lagonda six-cylinder twin overhead camshaft engine, is the DB Mark III. Launched in March 1957 at the Geneva Motor Show, it was available for export only until the London Motor Show in October of the same year. The model remained in production for about nine months after the DB4 was introduced. Of the 550 (approximately) cars produce over two thirds were exported to the U.S.A.

The chassis specification was very similar to the DB2/4 MkII. An option of Girling front disc brakes was available from the start of production but became a standard fitting after the first 100 cars were produced. Tadek Marek, the gifted engineer who had recently joined Aston Martin and would go on to design the next generation 6-cylinder engines and then the V8, virtually re-designed the 3.0 litre engine. This included a new block (with top seating Liners), a stiffer crankcase, a new crankshaft, oil pump and timing chain. Performance was equally improved by re-designing the induction and exhaust manifolds, whilst the ports are based on the DB3S engine, with larger valves and high lift camshafts. The majority of cars were fitted with the DBA engine, which was claimed to produce 162 b.h.p. at 5500 r.p.m., breathing though twin SU carburettors. A few (47) cars were supplied with the uprated DBD specification engine with triple SU carburettors giving an advertised 180 bhp.

In appearance, the Mark III can be distinguished from the MkII at the front by the elegant shaped radiator opening adopted from the DB3S and consequently compound curves of the front of the bonnet, which can be traced on all subsequent models including the V8. And from the rear by the cathedral rear lights which give the car a much cleaner appearance. Opening rear quarter light windows are also fitted. Internally, the facia and instrument panel are completely different, the latter remaining in use up to the DB6 MkII. The standard transmission remained the same as the MkII, with overdrive as an option.

The Mark III is nearly 9” longer than the DB2 and weighs about 350 lb more, which is an increase of about 15%. However, more than 50% more power is available from the standard DBA, compared to the original LB6B engine. It was described by The Autocar (October 4th 1957), who recorded: 9.3 sec 0-60 m.p.h., 31.0 sec 0-100 m.p.h., 17.4 sec over a standing quarter mile and a maximum speed of 120 m.p.h.


The DB Mark III is recognised as the ultimate iteration of David Brown’s original vision and thrust for Le Mans glory. It has the dash that went on to grace the DB4 and the élan of a great sports car.

All of this underpinned by an excellence of restoration that has to be seen to be appreciated – you could go out and try to find your own car to restore, wait a few years and spend a lot of money in the interim – or you could come and drive away what is undoubtedly the best Aston Martin DB Mark III on the market today.

Vehicle History

A copy of the original build sheet for the car notes her delivery in February 1958 to its first owner, Robert Allison of Canterbury in Kent. The same document notes the names and addresses of four subsequent keepers – Edmund Baillie of Crowborough, Titchmarsh & Goodwin of Ipswich in Suffolk, Ronal Green of Croydon in Surrey and Terence Pickthall of the same town.

When the current owner acquired the car in 2006, it was from a Barry Halton of Bedford who had, in turn acquired the car from a Peter Avis. In the customer’s own words:

“I first spotted the car in an advert in the AMOC Magazine in the summer of 2006 after a few telephone conversations, I went to see the car and it looked very forlorn sitting on Barry’s drive. Originally, he had planned to convert it to a Drophead but had been persuaded against such an idea but had also received an ultimatum from his wife to remove the car from the drive. He later bought a Drophead Mark III to complement the DB4 that he already owned.”

“During my visit to see the car, everything seemed in order, the chassis was straight but there was one minor problem – the top of the engine was in wine cases! The original cylinder head was cracked and a replacement had been found to have the wrong stud arrangement and would not fir. Wren eventually sourced a three carb head, which has now replaced the original.”

“I made calls to a number of established restoration firms who suggested I sell the car for parts but eventually made contact with Wren in the guise of Steve and Barry, who were ready to have a good look at the car. I was in no hurry and they set the wheels in motion and as well as the basics of restoration made modifications – the three carb head, new window mechanisms, the addition of overdrive in 3rd & 4th, an additional cooling fan, leather upholstery, inertia reel belts, steel wire wheels, battery conditioner and much more.”

“The car arrived back with me after almost exactly 7 years with Wren, since then I have done barely 500 miles in it – regular runs around the Suffolk lanes to keep everything in tip top order. It has been the star at a few local Suffolk Shows and has performed admirably at a couple of weddings and with that mileage has required no service work apart from fuel flow adjustments carried out by my local garage.”

“Due to time pressures, I really don’t use the car enough and this great British sportscar should be with someone who will make more use of this fantastic classic.”

Speaking to Wren Classics, who undertook the nut and bolt restoration of the car they report that there was an extra dimension to that commissioning insofar as they were given a much freer scope than normal with the words “If you think it’s a good idea – do it.”

There is a full photographic record of that work as well as a carefully recorded record of each and every invoice. In our summary, we have noted the labour recorded on each invoice but each invoice contains the list of parts – and when we describe this as a nut and bolt restoration, that is a very literal statement and the list too long to record here. Suffice to say that if you actually add up the sum of those invoices, you reach £231,937.87. Axle – rebuilt, gearbox – rebuilt, engine – rebuilt and ideas like heated front and rear screens that add unseen practicality to ownership – it was a good idea, so they did it.

But even that knowledge does not prepare you for the detail of this car’s restoration and the pride taken in its restoration – when you look at the beautifully trimmed door cards, you see original window winders. What you do not see are the electric window motors operated by those same window winders acting as switches – and of course the driver can operate the passenger window remotely.

Everywhere you look and from whatever angle, that attention to detail shines through - even the underside of the car, the parts that you never see and are too often hideen under a layer of dirt or disguised by underseal, the excellence shine through. That means that the next owner will have the pleasure of enjoying a period masterpiece with the convenience of their everyday car and secure in the knowledge that the beauty is far from skin deep.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

There are currently no MOT history details for this car.

Service and Maintenance Record

03.03.58- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Front of engine dismantled, radiator removed and top and bottom chains adjusted Mileage 807

10.07.58- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Car road tested for axle noise, Hand brake rectified, Hooters rectified. Mileage 3,445

26.08.58- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

New trailing arm link bushes fitted, Aux. shocker arm straightened, brakes cleaned up, bled and adjusted. Anti rattle springs fitted to front pads7/8 cylinders fitted to back. Mileage 4,510

14.08.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Workshop manual, parts catalogue, owner’s handbook

09.10.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Start up payment for restoration work

23.11.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Strip car, sort & clean all parts, dismantle suspension, source missing or obsolete parts, Design and test fit window motors, design and test fit seat belt mountings, research parts for overdrive, strip and sandblast front suspension, check for damage and refurbish

22.01.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Remove engine and gearbox, strip and clean all parts, Separate body from chassis. Heat and cut outer sills & separate. Heat and cut out bulkhead fixing bolts. Fabricate door support braces and pillar support. Heat tailgate fixings and remove seized and broken fixings. Repair captive nuts and fixings in chassis. Remove paint from bodywork. Grit blast parts and suspension. Prepare chassis and body and move to chassis repair specialist. Start up payment to chassis/body specialist

28.02.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Second payment to chassis/body specialist

28.03.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Cylinder head balance, third payment to chassis/body specialist

03.06.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Take boot floor apart, clean parts for plating, Ballard’s powder coating /unmask. Repair spare wheel tray, rebuild carburettor, seat belts, make handbrake parts, machine back plate, make pedal spindle, make new bush and fit. Strip rear seats and order parts, develop switches for window motors, make clutch push rod. Sandblast heater and paint, collect sill parts, pack block for repair. Engine lists and source parts, polish blemishes, bead blast aluminium parts, sort chrome, clean after powder coating.

14.09.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Clean parts and painting. Sand blasting. Gear box top strip and prepare parts for plating. Prepare chrome and send. Dismantle rear quarter windows and clean ready for paint strip. Sourcing parts. Powder coating. Door hinges, Inlet manifold

09.11.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Fit pistons to rods, measurements for gearbox shaft, test fit dash, parts distributed

25.01.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Fit front suspension, kingpin and bushes, make handbrake linkage parts. Fabricate heat shield for clutch master cylinder, pipe brackets. Fix ancillaries to bulkhead and build. Make brake parts. Parts assembly. Clutch/flywheel crank for balance. Clutch modifications, clean parts for plating. Remove parts for powder coating. General building up of car.

0.05.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Finish of chassis restoration work

20.08.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

First payment for aluminium body repair

18.03.09- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Rebuilding of gearbox and fitting up of car

16.07.09- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Test fitting of parts, drill bulkheads, setting up window mechanisms

16.09.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Ongoing restoration to body work, build engine and finish suspension

05.12.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Ongoing restoration of car. Modifications and assembly of parts

14.09.09- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Dress and fit engine

31.12.09- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Sorting parts and assembly, fabrication work, assembly of water pump, grind and polish thermo housing, paint gutter, assembly of various parts, fitting back plates

26.02.10- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Fitting up parts, removing parts for painting, make and fit alternator, remove side pods and fit bonnet, fit up engine, pipes etc, remove rear lights

03.09.10- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Blasting of parts

29.11.10- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Third instalment for respray

31.01.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Fourth instalment for respray

21.03.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Final instalment for respray

29.03.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Paint preparations, fitting up car, sorting of parts

31.05.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Fitting up to date

09.08.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Fabricate new rear trim quarter panels, from plywood, salvage finishers from old panels. Test fix to vehicle, fabricate new cables and fittings for fuel and tailgate releases. Fabricate and make new floor for boot sections making covers and fixings. Fabricate new stainless-steel pedal rubber gaiter finishers. Fabricate templates for new underbody panels & make template for new grille surround. Test fitting. Fabricate and fit new fuel lines, fabricate new spot light mounting brackets, paint strip and spray rear access panels, polish metal mounts, clean seal, panel beating, fitting up.

23.02.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Continue works to strip, clean and fit all window and roof finishers, make new aluminium n/a A pillar door seal finisher. Works to rear wheel arch, ¼ window bottom trips and door caps, make door aperture seals and fit. Strip and trim rear seat upright stop blocks, rear trailing arm and check strap fixings cover plates. Strip clean and trim all dashboard and glove box parts. Make new glovebox bottom liner and dash end finishing/packer trims. Strip and trim sun visor packing spacers, attach vanity mirror to sun visor. Remove tailgate and trim inside face and outer finishers and refit. Refit and seal rear seat base and all associated parts. Fit up hingeing rear seat upright and refit to vehicle. Cut and fit new carpet underfelt to front dash bulkhead and gearbox tunnel. Cut and fit new mill board t bulkhead area, trim metal support uprights to kick panel area, start to make carpet set and fixings

12.03.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Cut and fit carpet underlay to remaining areas, cut, edge and fit carpet set. Cut and fit rubber matting to inner sills, collect plywood for door panels, strip, clean, trim and fit door pockets, make replacement door pulls, trim seat packers, final finishing

03.08.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Carry out temporary fit of seatbelts and remove. Send back for modifications then refit and test – OK. Remove and modify rear quarter trims for seatbelts. Fit dash and run wiring. Fit trim. Blasting and priming seatbelt brackets. Repair, fabricate and assemble rear seat. Source glove box parts. Clean, polish, paint and lacquer interior knobs.Fit sill chromes, Welding of ally parts. Cleaning of engine bay. Spray and fit clips. Spray spare wheel compartment, catch and fitting. Fit rear screen. Manufacture terminal cover. Wiring. Stainless steel finishers on window. Continue fitting up vehicle.

28.08.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Wren Classics

Fitting up and assembly, steering wheel, carry out checks and adjustments, modify bonnet edge and paint. Resolve alternator fouling, fabricate hose support. Remove pipes and fit union clips, rectify gear lever fault.

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