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Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante - £49,950

Chassis Number: SCFAB32342K402815

Engine Number:

UK Registration Number: TBA

Date of first reg: 8th February 2002

Exterior colour: Antrim Blue

Hood: Blue Mohair

Interior colour: Navy / Parchment Hide

Current Odometer reading: 17,600

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: Powerfold Mirrors, Satellite Navigation,


The Volante or soft top version of the DB7 was planned from the beginning and the development of a dedicated convertible design began once the form of the coupe had been established. But the two cars were treated as separate entities with no thought of compromise. "We actually clay modelled the raised roof" recalled Ian Callum in a recent interview, "and I worked closely with the trimmers at Aston Martin to learn the constraints coming from the hood material and the folding mechanism, and to ensure that the hood had the correct form. The skills of the trimmers ensured that the silhouette of the raised roof reflects the purity and elegance that characterised the rest of the car." The end result is a car that, from the edge of the doors forward, the Volante is virtually identical to the coupe. However the rear panels are redesigned to produce a shape with a longer boot lid and stowage space for the hood, though this was not designed to fold out of sight.

What was out of sight was the extra stiffening and the strengthening of the screen surrounds which delivered some degree of roll over protection. To satisfy US type approval, a larger rear bumper was fitted pushing the overall length up by 3 inches. The tailored hood was operated by electric controls and the overall weight of the car raised a total of 150 kilograms. So in spite of the otherwise unchanged specification (no rear anti roll bar) slower acceleration and lower top speeds resulted. The construction of the DB7 was a departure from established Aston Martin practice. Rather than the traditional hand-made aluminium skin attached to a steel platform, the new car had a steel semi-monocoque body shell with steel panels together with composite bonnet, sills and boot lid. The bodies were made in Coventry and then sent to Rolls Royce in Crewe for painting and finally to the new facility at Bloxham where engines, running gear and interior trims were fitted.

The installation of a new paint plant at Bloxham in 2000 shortened that production process and put Aston Martin in closer control. At the 1999 Geneva Motor Show Aston Martin launched a new version - the DB7 Vantage. The new car had a 48 valve, all alloy 60 degree 6.0 litre V12 that had been developed by Cosworth and forged in their foundry. It incorporated the latest Formula 1 technology and had a Visteon engine management system capable of processing 1.6 million commands per second. The car, like the original DB7, had been subjected to a rigorous test programme - not for Aston Martin of the '90's was there to be discoveries about high speed engine problems as they had experienced in the 1960's with the DB4. The DB7 Vantage had a high speed durability test running for 48 hours continuously at 165 mph in hot mid-summer in Southern Europe. The new engine produced a massive 420 b.h.p. and a performance potential of over 180 mph and there had to be other areas of development in the car. The Brembo brakes, run through a Teves four channel anti-lock braking system, half ventilated, cross drilled front discs of 14" diameter. Special 15 inch alloy wheels were specially developed with 9 inch rims at the rear and 8 inch rims for the front wheels. Added to that were an advanced traction control system and revised suspension. New upper and lower wishbones linked a new vertical link at the front while at the rear, there was an additional transverse link incorporated.

The modifications were completed by Bilstein shock absorbers and uprated springs. To accommodate the V12 engine and the associated 6 speed manual or 5 speed automatic gearbox, the underside of the car had to be redesigned. This involved an enlarged transmission tunnel and new front end structure with increased strength and torsional rigidity built into the revised structure. New cooling requirements meant wider radiator openings and justified the new bright metal grille while new bumpers and integrated sill design blended in the other subtle external differences. Inside the car was standard Aston Martin luxury with Connolly hide, Kenwood car stereo and the introduction of a large red starter button mounted in the centre console. At missile control, that red starter button would have a large, lockable lever preventing accidental use, such is the power it unleashes. Press the button and almost primeval forces are set free, the initial thunder of the engine settling back into a barely perceptible burble. Engage gear, brace your neck and accelerate - power, beauty and soul.


A real driver's car with its 6 speed manual gearbox and V12 6 litre engine, this beautifully presented Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante is the ultimate "wind in the hair" choice for an Aston enthusiast.

There can be few cars on the market today with a comparable service and ownership history making the choice of an Aston purchase very simple.

Vehicle History

This car was bought by its original owner at a time when it was price advantageous to buy in Europe and personally import a car.

That is exactly what happened with this car, purchased originally by a Mr Parkhouse at a Dutch main dealer and then brought back to the UK. Maintained immaculately by Mr Parkhouse, the car was sold in late 2003 after a full appraisal conducted by Aston Martin Works Service through the services of our brokerage to a Mr Beale who continued to maintain the car to the highest standards with Works Service meaning that the car was presented in outstanding order with a full Aston Martin Service History when offered by our brokerage once more.

It was acquired by the current owner following his own inspection through Aston Martin Works Service. A real Aston Martin enthusiast, he acquired the car having recently had such a good restoration on his DB6 that he wanted to have an Aston he could use more regularly.

Even his more regular use of the car has amounted to only around 6,000 miles in six years of ownership and, of course, as an Aston enthusiast, he has maintained the servicing of the car immaculately.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

05.03.05    04,044
04.05.06    06,518
22.10.07    06,823
23.10.08    07,579
19.01.10    09,065
12.01.11    09,680
27.06.12    10,486
31.05.13    11,112
19.06.14    14,767
26.06.15    15,696
02.06.16    16,576
07.06.17    17,089
20.06.18    17,472

Service and Maintenance Record

31.01.02- Mileage: 00,063- Service Agent: Kroymans Hilversum

Pre-delivery inspection

04.02.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tracker

Tracker system fit

26.03.01- Mileage: 00,851- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

1,000 mile service

23.07.02- Mileage: 01,875- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

7,500 mile service

25.09.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tracker

Transfer to new owner

26.09.03- Mileage: 02,656- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

Install standard satellite navigation system, remove side skirts, prepare, paint and polish. Mop & polish car

14.11.03- Mileage: 02,888- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

22,500 mile service, install powerfold mirrors

15.01.04- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

12 month extended warranty

09.08.04- Mileage: 03,376- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

30,000 mile service, rectify battery button sticking, adjust inner door linkages to rectify central locking fault.

07.08.06- Mileage: 06,722- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

37,500 mile service, re-programme settings to improve tuning, remove both throttle bodies to clean debris from inside bodies. Check air conditioning � no fault found.

07.09.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

Supply battery conditioner

20.09.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

Supply battery

23.10.07- Mileage: 06,823- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

45,000 mile service, MOT, check charging system, fault on ABS traced to n/s front sensor, renew wheel centre. Investigate throttle sticking, inspection, no fault found. Carry out headlamp alignment. Re-secure gear lever and knob. Untwist right hand rear seat belt

19.01.10- Mileage: 09,065- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service


13.01.11- Mileage: 09,680- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

52,500 mile service, MOT, investigate non start, diagnose and renew faulty clutch switch., tighten power steering hose clips, carry out Geometry Alignment. Adjust castor, camber and tracking, adjust ride heights and centralise steering, remove and replace faulty left hand side blower motor

03.11.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

Parts only: Wheel centre badge, handle outer assembly

30.04.13- Mileage: 10,983- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

45,000 / 36-month service, renew plugs and ignition coils, replace and balance 4 x new tyres, replace wheel arch lining fixings, replace fuel filters, pips and o rings, bleed and replenish brake fluid, replace anti roll bar link bushes and radius arm bushes. Sandblast diff casing etc and repaint, replace wiper blades. Supply & fit rear parking sensors

24.05.13- Mileage: 11,081- Service Agent: Harwoods Chichester

New battery

22.08.13- Mileage: 14,346- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

Change oil & filter, replace right hand primary intake trunking to eliminate warning light

18.05.15- Mileage: 15,693- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works Service

7,500-mile service, replace LH heater blower motor, check left hand door lock, vacuum and regas air conditioning, replace anti roll bar bushes, re-balance wheels/tyres replace wiper blades, replace rh top shock absorber bush, align headlights, MOT

28.05.16- Mileage: 16,462- Service Agent: Aston Martin Chichester

7,500-mile service,

09.06.17- Mileage: 17,097- Service Agent: Aston Martin Chichester

Annual service, MOT, replace headlamp foams

22.06.18- Mileage: 17,472- Service Agent: Aston Martin Chichester

7,500-mile service, MOT

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